Laura was one of our teachers for several years before moving to Canada and forming her new partnership with Richard, lessons with her were always both fun and enjoyable and we are so grateful to have been lucky enough to receive tuition from Laura and learnt so much in our lessons which improved our dancing no end.
— Barry & Carol Gravenell
I used to think that extraordinary performers can not be good teachers, —things come naturally to the gifted ones. Richard defies this statement. He is as talented a teacher as he is a dancer.

Richard is also an amazing role-model, —wise, determined, accomplished, yet humble, and so cool, and so much fun! His passion for dancing is contagious, his work ethics exemplary.

Our daughter, who has contemplated quitting dancing, is in love with Latin again. We are so lucky to have Richard and Laura in her life, thank you so much for your amazing work!
— Marina Frantseva, Jenny's Mom